Adopt a Fruit Tree

Adopt a Fruit Tree

Adopt a fruit tree and help to protect local heritage fruit varieties.

By donating just £50 a year you can adopt a fruit tree of your choice which will help propagate traditional varieties of fruit trees historically grown in Yorkshire.




When you Adopt a Fruit Tree you will receive:

  • Half the fruit produced by the tree for the whole of it’s life*
  • Samples of other fruits grown in our community orchard
  • A guide to fruits, “how to grow and how to use”

*the other half is donated to local community groups and Batley Food Bank

In addition to your fruit you will also be eligible for our fruit tree pruning and hedge laying  course. All for just £50 including p&p per year.

A great gift for anyone who want to grow their own but doesn’t have the space!



Adopt a fruit tree : £50.00GBP – yearly

Adopt a chicken coop :£100.00 GBP – yearly