Bath Bombs and Bath Slime

Have you ever wondered how soap is made? How it works? Why it gets you clean? This session takes you through the process of making your own soap from scratch. Learn the chemistry behind the secret that baffled the Romans (they used to just scrape themselves clean) and personalise your own bar with your own choice of colour, scent and extras (adding popping candy to a bar is our personal favourite). But that’s not all we will also teach you how to make your own fizzing baths bombs and bath slime.

So if you want to relax after a stressful birthday party (there really are far too many presents to open) or you just want to make a *mess (it IS your birthday after all) we have got you covered!



Equipment provided by us:

  • All the chemicals needed
  • Soap basins and other moulds
  • PPE

*don’t worry parent, we’ll give you something to make it all disappear down the drain!