Creepy Crawly Circus

There are over 10 million species of insects in the world, with some scientists estimating that there could be over 77 TRILLION (that’s a million times a million times a million!) insects across the globe, so you should probably invite some to your birthday (you don’t want to hurt their feelings after all). Alongside our partners at Batley Butterfly House and the Friends of Wilton Park we can bring a few  to your birthday for you and your friends to meet. We will bring (depending on the time of year);

  • Giant Black Millepeds
  • Rhino or Flower Beetles
  • Praying Mantids
  • Giant African Land Snails
  • Scorpions
  • Stick Insects

You will be able to handle them, learn how the move and even feed some of them. We will even bring a kit for you to keep some yourself as pets!