Suitable for KAquaponics water cycleeys Stage One and Two

Aquaponics is a closed nutrient and water cycle, mimicking a natural ecosystem, where water and waste nutrients from fish are recycled by plants for growth.

Our aquaponics session is multi curricular covering, Biology, Microbiology, Ecosystems, Food Production, Chemistry, Art and Design, DDT and Maths and is suitable for KS 1 and 2 pupils and interactive enough to interest early years.

Our KS2 session starts with a power point presentation explaining the concepts that this session covers; nutrient cycles, plant growth and the “how to” DDT/engineering/maths of actually building a fully working aquaponics system. We divide into groups, with each group being responsible for building one part of the whole system before we put it all together.

The next part of this session aimed at KS1 is an art and design element, which will give the pupils the chance to decorate the actual assembled aquaponics tank with appropriate stencils and involve them in the project.
One the system is assembled and decorated we add the fish and plants and explain how to take care of the system.

Equipment provided by us:
• Materials for building an aquaponics system (barrel, pipes, pump, aggregate, tools etc)
• Plants
• Fish
• Paint, paint brushes and stencils
• Worksheets

Equipment to be provided by the school:
• Classroom support
• Pencils
• PPE suitable for wet area work
• Laptop able to run the newest version of Microsoft Powerpoint
• Projector
• Water!

Please let us know ahead of time whether you will want to keep the system permanently as we will need to factor this in.