There’s a Dinosaur in My Back Garden

DinosaurSuitable for Key Stage 1 and 2

With the renewed interest in prehistoric mega-fauna and with the discovery of feathered dinosaurs now an accepted fact, the evolution of modern day birds provides one answer to the question “what happened to the dinosaurs?”

This session takes pupils back to the big bang and planet formation, touching on the water cycle before exploring modern day “dinosaurs”. We then take a look at how dinosaurs evolved into birds, what a fossil is and how they are formed.

The activity allows the pupils to excavate their own “fossil” from a Plaster of Paris “rock” followed by a worksheet activity and questions.

Equipment provided by us:

  • PPE safety glasses
  • Chisel and mallet
  • “Fossil containing rock”
  • Work sheets

Equipment to be provided by the school:

  • Pencils
  • Laptop able to run the newest version of Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Projector

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