Precious Metal Recovery

Gold from ElectronicsSuitable for GCSE and A level pupils

We have all heard how there are precious metals in everyday electronics, however they are normally present in very low amounts, so is it worth the time and effort to remove them for refinement and sale?

In this session we demonstrate the basic techniques involved in reclaiming gold, silver and copper from everyday scrap electronics. The metals are isolated from electrical components, then the precious metals are extracted from the metal alloys and purified by acid hydrolysis and displaced from solution. The displaced metal is then smelted and purified through electrolysis, giving pure (99.999999%) metals.

Equipment supplied by us:

  • Scrap electronics
  • Reagents
  • Smelting and electrolysis equipment

Equipment to be supplied by school

  • PPE (safety goggles, lab coats, gloves)
  • Working fume hood
  • Computer able to run the newest version of Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Projector

This session can not be completed in one day, therefore there are two options available; either we can bring in components from specific time points in the process or we can return 2-3 times later in the term. Please contact us to discuss which set up would suit your school best.