Dr. Dreadful’s Awesome Autopsy

Have you ever wanted to cut someone open and see how they work? Of course you have, you’d be weird if you hadn’t! Well now you can without the inevitable jail time. Why not invite Dr Robert “Dreadful” Knox to your party and he will bring an anatomically correct body, supplied by our good friends Burke and Hare for you to dissect. Learn all about the body’s organs, the jobs they do and where to find them (the lung bone is connected to the throat bone and all that). But wait, there’s more! Desecra-err-dissecting bodies sure works up an appetite so while not have a snack while you work, all the organs you remove are completely edible and full of energy and essential nutrients*. It is the grossest way to learn about human anatomy!

Equipment provided by us:

  • Realistic silicon human body containing confectionery organs
  • Lab coats, aprons, goggles and gloves (it is VERY messy)


*they’re not, they’re made of sugar and chocolate, but ARE completely edible