Harry Potter Magic Show

Bring the magic of Hogwarts to your child’s birthday party with their very own potions lesson. Potions Professor Hengist Diggle has special permission from the Minister of Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt and Hogwarts Headteacher Professor McGonagall to show non-magical people a few simple potions as a way of identifying any children with an affinity for magic, to give them a head start for when they receive their Hogwarts acceptance letter, inviting them to attend the magical school.

The cost of the session is £150 for up to 10 children, ages 7-11 years, session lasts an hour and includes wand making, duelling and a potions lesson, which is a demonstration of some simple chemical reactions, such as colour change reactions, exothermic reactions (lots of smoke and heat), chemical synthesis and some small pyrotechnics (small explosions, loud noises, bright flashes and smoke). With that in mind a large, open outdoor space is required to ensure the children remain at a safe distance and there is adequate ventilation. Examples of the type of tricks we preform can be found below.

Colour changes  Chemical synthesis  Pyrotechnics

There is also the opportunity for the birthday child to take party with some of the tricks. All our practitioners are fully trained in the use of these chemicals, have first aid training, and are fully insured. We provide all the risk assessments.

The birthday child will receive a special present of a Hogwarts acceptance letter, house scarf and pin as a present from us.

Get in touch to discuss your child’s party as each session can be tailored to suit your needs.